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West Dorset District Council

"Lizz has been an enormous asset in the development of Artz+ Sportz+  - a programme of holiday activities for children with additional needs which has been going since 2005. She came on board as a member of the support team and was unfailingly professional, kind and sensitive to the needs of both the children and the parents. She went on to become a highly organised, efficient, flexible and reliable team leader. She has also been instrumental in helping recruit new staff and also in putting together a training package for them.   Lizz's OT knowledge was also invaluable to us in developing a new project in 2011 -  Artz Sensory - for children with PMLD. She gave guidance and practical support during the research phase and did storytelling using the sensory room on the day - hitting the right note with each child. All in all her supportive presence along with her in-depth understanding of the children meant we were able to run very positive and successful sessions.” – West Dorset District Council


"I like coming because it makes me feel happy".

"I like your music- it's good isn't it?"

Comments from clients who come to Singalong sessions.

Sometimes clients are unable to give verbal feedback, but their actions speak louder than words.

"I was really quite moved today when at the end of one of my music groups, one of the least able group members (non-verbal and with mobility difficulties) made her way over to me, took my hand and led me to the piano- where she then sat down and tried to play. It was her first visit to one of my music groups, during the session her carer noticed she was raising her head frequently (indicating her enjoyment of the session). They are now going to look into purchasing a small keyboard and having their own music sessions".

Multi-sensory story telling


"It was in the story telling sessions that we first noticed a different kind of response from our client".

Comment from day centre support worker.

The laughter we now see regularly in our client is infectious and a joy to see!