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Post COVID-19 Rehabilitation

A lifestyle management programme

I am all too well aware that there is currently next to no NHS or social care provision for Post - COVID-19 rehabilitation. Even if this service is offered eventually, you will probably want to avoid NHS waiting times, NHS session limits and that you would probably rather speak to someone face-to-face; rather than in an anonymous chat room or on the telephone. I understand how unwell you are feeling right now and that you want to do something to change that. Occupational Therapists are the best-placed health professionals to help you navigate your recovery, as we don't just focus on your symptoms but how these impact every area of your life. I can offer short appointments, if you are struggling with fatigue or brain fog - please just ask!

Whilst I cannot promise any miracle cure, given time and with the application of the techniques I will teach you - you can make a positive improvement to your health situation. The impact of which is far-reaching across every area of your life and can lead to better physical and mental health. Together, we will focus on the areas of most importance for you - creating an individual, tailored recovery plan. We will come back to review this at various points, so that you can see the progress that you are making and so that we can tackle any areas of difficulty.

I can facilitate a return to work strategy at the right time for you, if necessary liaising with your employer - if this is something you want to work on together. I recognise that recovery is never a straight path, and we will work on the ups and downs together. You are welcome to return for refresher sessions as needed, which can be very useful after a significant life event, such as; having a baby.

Life can seem hopeless at such a time of turmoil, but you have come to the right place for guidance. All the emotions you are experiencing are normal, the symptoms are common to people experiencing a post-viral illness and rest-assured you are not going mad! You have made an important first step in seeking help and support. Now let's make a time to sit down and talk over your experiences....