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Befriending group


Many people with community care needs are excluded in some way from participating in social and community life.


Be-friending offers;

The chance to develop a new relationship, and opportunities to participate in social activities.

Six ways were found in which befriending services aim to help people participate in their community. These are:

o       using local services and facilities

o       creating a new social link

o       developing wider social networks

o       meeting like-minded people through clubs and groups

o       meeting people with similar needs and supporting each other

o       changing social attitudes so that users become accepted and valued as full members of the community in their own right

(Dean and Goodlab 1998).


This befriending scheme was designed to benefit people with eating disorders who were in recovery. However, this format can apply to any group in society. Please get in touch to discuss your needs.



Dean, J., Goodlab, R., 1998. The role and impact of befriending. York, Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Available From: [Accessed 04/02/10].