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I've been involved with a variety of projects, ranging from running groups, to acting in a consultative role to set up and run large projects. I am always keen to get involved with new projects, particularly if it means facilitating opportunities for disabled people. Please see below for more information on my previous and current contracts.

Adult Colouring Group

Colouring book sales now top recipe book sales in France! This trend is proving just as huge in the UK. I'm happy to say that I've been involved in colouring for the last 30 years, so this is nothing new to me! Colouring has many benefits- it can be an individual or collaborative activity, it is creative and it promotes mindfulness. You can also learn new skills and reduce your stress levels. As part of my Masters dissertation, I am investigating the therapeutic benefits of adult colouring from an occupational perspective.

Here is an article where a group I attend was featured in the Bournemouth Echo:

If you would like me to run a colouring group for your organisation, please get in touch. It really is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Befriending group

Many people with community care needs are excluded in some way from participating in social and community life.


Be-friending offers;

The chance to develop a new relationship, and opportunities to participate in social activities.


I have experience of consulting on the delivery of specialist programmes for adults with learning disabilities.

Cooking group

Eating and drinking are something we all need to do to stay alive and well. People can lack cooking skills for a variety of reasons and joining a cooking group can address this. Occupational therapy is about giving people the skills they need to live. This group was designed to be run for clients with eating disorders, but it can be altered to suit different needs.

Multi-sensory Storytelling

Multi-sensory story telling for adults with profound and multiple learning disabilities (PMLD).