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Local Activities

On this page you will be able to read details of local activities and links I like.

Most of these are things I have heard about, through my connections with people in Dorset. There's lots going on- why don't you get involved!

Introduction to the Cinema- Empire Cinemas, Tower Park, Poole.

Every Monday at 10.30am they run a special screening for people with moderate to severe learning disabilities. These films are specially chosen to appeal and are designed as a 'first trip to the cinema' experience. Each film costs just £1.50 to attend, with the opportunity to buy a special 'film box' snack for just £3.00. During these films the lights are left on, there is a break halfway through and many of the adverts are cut.Wheelchair spaces are limited. Take your own carer. These sessions are run jointly by Empire, DotComUnity and The Care Division.

The Tuesday Club

This is a club for adults with Learning Disabilities and Mobility Issues which meets every Tuesday in Southbourne, from 10am-2pm. You can take your own carer and it costs just £5.00 to attend. They have a wide range of activities.

Poole Learning Disability Bowling League

If you're able to pass on anymore information, please help me to update the site.

15 Days in Clay

An art project at Holten Lee, run by professional artists.

Winton Gateway Club

A social club for adults with learning disabilities.

Find out what's on here and when I'll be running sensory story telling sessions.



A disability directory for activities, events and services.

OT Expert

The site was conceived by an Occupational Therapist and is aimed at anyone interested in occupational therapy or who wants to find out more about it.

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